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Housing and living

Housing and living on Curacao and Bonaire

Want to live on Curacao or Bonaire and seeking houses for rent?
Housing in Curacao may be unlike what you are accustomed to. People living on the Caribbean islands spend their time mainly outdoors, so apartments and houses look different. There is no central heating, but a house ‘in the wind’ or fitted air conditioning is crucial.

Besides the practical dissimilarities, also the cultural aspects differ in the Caribbean. Na Kaminda gladly tells you about important details and helps you find a suitable (rental) house on Curacao or Bonaire.

pointer: before you can start living on Curacao, you should require a residence permit.

House for rent on Curacao or Bonaire

Are you looking for house rentals on Curacao or Bonaire? As an agent, we help you find a house for rent for the medium and long term (starting from 2 months). After receipt of your signed intake form, we will seek an appropriate property according to your specifications.

pointer: we advise you to send in your order to search a rental house 2 to 3 months before your departure. This way, we have sufficient time to find you a suitable house.

'Na Kaminda' is not a real estate agent for Curacao or Bonaire. For your purchasing purposes, we can connect you with brokers and companies who have an excellent track record. They offer decent advice and expert assistance. Feel free to ask us about it.

Property manager on Curacao

Do you need a caretaker / property manager for your real estatte, for instance when you (temporarily) do not reside on the island? We can take care of your property when it is vacant or (temporarily) sublet the house. Of course, we can also take care of your property if it has already been rented out by you.

Do you have any questions or would you like to know what we can do for you?