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Transparent services

We value overview and clarity: transparency through clear communication. We provide you full access to your file and convey our operation procedure, information, and the costs clearly, avoiding any surprises. That is what we call transparent.

Personal approach

After the initial registration (via e-mail or the website), first, we seek client contact by phone. This way, we receive detailed information first-hand and can offer a more desirable service. Moreover, it provides a better mutual understanding which we feel is necessary for friendly cooperation.

We maintain personal contact by phone on a regular basis with our clients. It is our expe-rience that this enhances the understanding of important details and intercepts uncertainties. Even despite the communications via the online file, we feel this is a necessary precaution. Emigrating is not something you do every day. It is an extreme event for which guidance is no luxury.

Access to your file

The beating heart of our organization is a well-secured online system. Client data, details about completed activities, phone conversations, agreements, documents, etc., will be accurately registered and maintained. Sophisticated automation enables and manages efficient proceedings of personal wishes, tight planning and controlling deadlines to the detail.

As a client, you have direct access to our personal file showing every detail directly, without delay. For each item, you can add questions or remarks that will catch our attention imme-diately. Uploading and downloading your documents and personal data is possible via a so-called end-to-end secure connection within your personal file (this is far more secure than transferring via e-mail). We will automatically send you a notice in case relevant changes or calendar items have altered. There is no need to memorize important information or deadlines. We will do that for you, that is, our system will.

Digital security and your privacy in general

Your privacy and also your security is one of the priorities of our organization. Because your file consists of personal information and documents, we continuously pay close attention to the security of both your and our data, so unauthorized parties have no access or cannot review any information. Not only digitally, but also in other ways we take precautions to guarantee your privacy and the security of our data. Please read more information on this page.

The Na Kaminda digital service is appreciated by our clients. Via the internet, you have di-rect access to your personal file and can closely follow each change and the most current status of our services and procedures. What we know, you will know. This prevents unnecessary questions and uncertainties.

Do you have any questions or would you like to know what we can do for you?