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Relocating to Curacao or Bonaire your specialist in the Dutch Caribbean

What we do

Settling in - living & working

If you intend to move to Curacao or Bonaire, a residence permit is your first concern. Virtually everyone relocating to the Caribbean islands of the Dutch kingdom needs specific documents to live (or to work) there. In addition to the paperwork, we help with housing, assist with insurances and we advise in the field of work, with doing business and much more.
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Household effects - moving & shipping

Moving and shipping your household effects is a profession in itself. This starts with honest information and the search for the best and most advantageous solution for you. A great deal can be gained on costs, but especially on quality. That is why we provide targeted and step-by-step guidance on your move, from departure point to final destination and from door to door.
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Your company - establishing & facilitating

If you plan to do business on Curaçao or Bonaire, we will take care of your business establishment, including the necessary permits and registrations, tax advice, help with choosing your local accountant and banking, technical implementation or setting up ( complex) IT solutions, supporting your staff, guidance in the local business world etc.
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Real estate - managing & renting out

Do you own real estate in the Antilles (especially Curacao) which cannot be left unattended in case of temporary or permanent departure; inquire with us. We have various solutions to manage the house excellently and keep it in good condition or even rent it out for a longer period of time. We offer limited options to manage your holiday home.
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Who are you

Family / Individual

We’re planning for a fresh start and we intend to relocate to the Dutch Caribbean. We have been reading lots of contradictory information and we can’t see the forest for its trees. Where should we start, how should we plan this and are the costs manageable? We could use some help and advice.

Entrepreneur / Freelancer

I'd like to do business in Curacao or in Bonaire, but which island suits my plans? What should I take into account and in particular how do I establish a local company, what are the rules for hiring staff? I am looking for answers and practical assistance to start my business quickly and well prepared.

Pensionado / Retiree

We have decided to relocate to the sun to enjoy our retirement and to take it easy. But before taking the final leap we have some questions about finance, insurance, our permit and about the medical care. Is our plan responsible and feasible without risks? We like to be well prepared to prefent surprises.

Remote worker

I am self-employed and I'd like to do my job being a 'remote worker'. Since more and more companies are allowing employees to work remotely, the ‘digital nomad’ community is rapidly growing. I heard both Curacao and Bonaire are ideal for this and I’d like to find out more about the possibilities and how this is facilitated.

Who are we

Na Kaminda provides personal guidance and practical services to anyone who plans to relocate to the Dutch Caribbean (Curacao or Bonaire) for a indefinite period and for those who are emigrating permanently.

We are here for entrepreneurs and for individuals, singles and families, for pensioners, emigrants, remote workers and expats. But also for vacationers who actually wanted to stay.

Our services are provide by several permanent and non-permanent co-workers and with a network of experts before and behind the scenes - day in, day out with passion and drive, from our office in Curacao and with a branch in the Netherlands.

Na Kaminda means 'on the way’ in Papiamentu - and that is exactly what we do!

What can we do for you?

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