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Moving and shipping

Moving and shipping to Curacao and Bonaire

Moving to Curacao or Bonaire and planning to ship your household effects? To clear your household effects duty-free, bear in mind that you are required to be in possession of both your residence permit and your registration on the island.

Shipping with perfect timing

Successful shipping to Curacao or Bonaire calls for perfect timing. There is more to emigration than most people think. Needless to say, it is of importance that you can work and live with your personal belongings as soon you arrive. Na Kaminda cooperates with companies in freight forwarding who ship from the USA to Curacao and Bonaire directly. We also have close contacts with local agents on the island, enabling easy handling of the paperwork and logistic details.

Would you like to live and work on one of the islands or emigrate to the Caribbean? You can only relocate and, in fact, ship your household effects once the registration on the island has been effected. Should your timing be too soon or too late, the storage of your furniture, container rent, and customs formalities could lead to additional and unexpected high expenses.

Relocate and ship with Na Kaminda

We are familiar with the regulations, legislation, and procedures concerned with moving and shipping to Curacao and the BES-islands. In combination with the application and process of your work and residence permit, we can arrange an optimal timing for relocating your belongings. And the result? Easy emigration to Curacao or Bonaire, so you can live and work comfortably in no time at all.

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