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Moving and shipping

Moving and shipping to Curacao or Bonaire

Moving to Curacao or Bonaire and planning to ship your household effects? Needless to say, it is of importance that you can work and live with your personal belongings as soon you arrive and make your new house a 'home'. We are happy to help you to move your household goods as smoothly and quickly as possible, without surprises.

Before we have your your goods shipped to Curacao or to Bonaire, we will select the most suitable carrier or shipper for you, in which not only shipping costs are important but also quality and service - regardless whether you package your furniture yourself or have it packaged it for you. After reading this information below, your most urgent questions about the move will have been answered.

Guidance is necessary

If you decide to outsource your move to Curacao or Bonaire with us, guidance is a standard part of the process. Many years of all-round experience in emigration processes has taught us that tight supervision of your move and subsequent shipping is a necessity rather than an option in order to safeguard you from issues that go wrong too often - such as incomplete information by movers, forwarders and shippers, often even no information at all or incorrect information; unreasonably high rates hidden in misleading quotes; significant property damage on arrival; loss or theft of personal belongings; tug of war with carriers and insurers and unexpected additional costs in customs clearance - the list is endless!

In many cases due to indifference or negligence, but in all cases due to ignorance on the carrier side. As a customer, you of course assume that everything will turn out well, because after all you are working with 'with parties whose core business is to move and ship'. And this is where it goes wrong!

As concerned for the Caribbean alone - there are simply too many movers, transporters, forwarding companies and agencies active, including many companies that present themselves as 'expert' or 'transporter', but which are really just cowboys. The competition is fierce and that favors fumbling, deception, indifference and 'making quick money' by omitting details. Moreover, there is a big difference between terms for road transport and the transport of sea freight, the way in which rates are set, the handling of goods, the technical jargon you are confronted with, etc. We could open up with you there.

For a relocation process to or from Curacao or Bonaire - but also for any other process - we map out wishes and possibilities, we help to make choices. In short we'll bring light into the darkness of the relocation and transport jungle. As your authorized representative, we also deal with related permit procedures and will be a central contact point for all parties, handling every detail from one and the same dossier - this has great advantages: we do not miss important details and can set priorities.

That is why we initiate and supervise your move from door to door, by land and by sea, within and outside Europe and from departure to arrival!

Shipping is about timing

Once one has arrived on the island, one is often confronted with high additional and unexpected costs incurred for storage, container rental, customs formalities, etc. Usually due to incorrect planning and ignorance; costs that could have been largely avoided with expert guidance.

We know flawlessly how to prevent or at least minimize this. Because we often also carry out other issues for our customers, we have insight into the total immigration file; this allows us to coordinate procedures and activities closely.

Na Kaminda is familiar with the world of freight forwarders, carriers and shipping companies, especially the parties that sail on the Caribbean. The local agents on the islands, who handle your effects upon arrival, are also all known to us. An large amount of paperwork is involved in importing and exporting goods. If necessary, we arrange this for you, in consultation with the local agent and behind the scenes. Successful shipping calls for perfect timing.

Relocate and ship with Na Kaminda

We are familiar with the regulations, legislation, and procedures concerned with moving and shipping to Curacao and the BES-islands. In combination with the application and process of your work and residence permit, we can arrange an optimal timing for relocating your belongings. Save unnecessary expenses thanks to perfect timing.

Easy emigration, moving, and shipping of your belongings without the surprises!

Do you have any questions or would you like to know what we can do for you?