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Services and modules overview

Various services

As far as Curacao or Bonaire are concerned, Na Kaminda is your full-service immigration partner when you want to live and/or work on these islands. Within your digital file, we will cover the full gamut of procedures for your immigration or your prolonged stay.

Regardless whether you leave temporarily or permanently, or if you are an immigrant, student or entrepreneur. Our services are diverse and available in separate modules, varying from extensive support to compact assistance. Please review the various options below.

Services - basic modules

  • Support
    various options: from starter pack to personal consult.
    Intensive support and tailored advice are standard in all of our modules.
  • Permits | procedures for work and residency
    The procedure to apply for permits will proceed completely dissimilarly for Curacao and Bonaire: both islands have a different status within the Kingdom.
  • Insurances | personal and corporate
    Counseling, support, and advice: local insurances both personal and corporate. In-surances on Curacao or Bonaire may be very different from what you are accustomed to. Appropriate counseling and support with our module ‘Insurances’ prevent misfortunes.
  • Housing and living
    We can search for a rental house (rental term from 2 months). Based on a detailed intake, we will seek an appropriate rental house according to your specific wishes.
  • Moving and shipping
    Support for the moving and shipping of your household effects to Curacao or the BES-islands (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba). Perfect timing and fixed support will prevent unexpected costs: please read more on the designated page.

Services - specific modules

  • Doing business and staff | settling your business and assistance for your employees
    Establishing and settling a business on Curacao or Bonaire for starting entrepreneurs and support to (foreign) employees for your company.
  • Housing or real estate caretaker
    Leaving your property empty may result in unsafe situations and deterioration, and certainly in the Caribbean! If you are looking for a professional organization to take care of your house during your absence, we have excellent options to choose from. Subletting is one of the possibilities.
  • Leaving Curacao | signing out from public records permanently
    Support during the procedure for signing out from the Curacao public records when you plan to re-emigrate to your country of origin or have already left the island with no intention of returning.

Services - extras

  • A local cell phone number for Curacao or Bonaire prior to arrival (sim card to be sent to your home address - only available in the Netherlands and on Curacao)
    Long before you leave for Curacao, you can inform your friends and family at which mobile phone number you can be reached. A local phone number is often mandatory when authorities concerned with your immigration need to get a hold of you (a foreign phone number will not suffice).
  • Postal address before you leave (PO box number)
  • Rental car upon arrival if necessary with ‘WaraWara’ GPS navigation (service only available for Curacao)
  • Topographical map of the island (service only available in the Netherlands and on Curacao)
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