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Permits for work and residency on Curacao or Bonaire

Very often, we receive the question: ‘Do I need a permit allowing me to work or live on Curacao or Bonaire’? The answer is: Yes! Everybody needs a permit to work or to reside for a longer period, even the Dutch. We happily support you during the permit application procedure for Curacao or Bonaire.

Full support during your permit application and documents
For most of our clients, we manage the full application and procedure of their work and residence permits with the immigration services on the island. For health insurance purposes, starting with this procedure as early as possible is beneficial. Also, import documents for your household effects and the application for your ‘Sedula’ (local ID) will be included in our services. Of course, we combine this with necessary consultation according to your specific situation.

Via your digital file, you will receive an exact list of documents that are required for the application and detailed instructions how to send them to us. You are personally responsible for the requests for official documentation, but we will help you out and support you where we can.

We rule out risks and insecurities by:

  • paying the mandatory government fees and retributions on your behalf.
    (the application can only be submitted after payment of all government fees)
  • checking each and every document diligently on accuracy and quality.
    (according to the requirements, before submitting the application)
  • monitoring the procedure at the immigration services.
    (especially when disposition of the submitted application fails to come through)
  • minimizing the risk of rejection and avoiding the need to pay double fees.
    (due to errors or incomplete applications; we offer tailored advice and diligent support)
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As per April 1st, 2014, legal fees are enforced
As of this date, the admissions organization on Curacao imposes fees and retributions for the application of permits.

Dutch and American tourists stay up to 180 days
If you possess the Dutch or American nationality and do not plan to work (only vacation), then you can stay on the island 180 days each calendar year as a tourist without any specific permit. For all other nationalities a different term applies, depending on your home country. Mostly, this term is 90 days.

If you do wish to work or reside on the island for a longer period than 180 days, and you are a Dutch or a US citizen, you will need a so-called 'Verklaring van Rechtswege’. This is a permit for work and residency (visa) that is granted for an indefinite period of time. For all other nationalities, a totally different legislation applies and you require a separate application for your permit.

Work and residence permits
Applying for a permit involves a lot of paperwork, contacts with governmental bodies in your home country and, among others, with the immigration services on the island. The administrative procedure usually takes a couple of weeks to a few months. We will function as a representative so that your presence on the island is not necessary (and in some cases not even allowed). Our support can prevent inconveniences and waste of time. We will keep you updated continuously via the digital file.

It goes without saying that Na Kaminda offers the permit application and other services also to other nationalities besides Dutch and American. We are in close contact with local authorities enabling a smooth procedure.

Students are required to apply for a permit for their temporary traineeship or internship as well. In this case, the procedure and legislation are different. Please find more information on the designated page.

Permit application for Curacao - non-Dutch immigrants

The application, procedure and entry requirements for ‘aliens’ (= non-Dutch immigrants) differs on nearly every point. Only some situations are the same as for Dutch immigrants. In this case, the issues ‘work’ and ‘residence’ are inseparable. Specific expertise and experience to lead you through the procedures is an absolute necessity, also when you are an ‘alien’ with a Dutch partner. Inquire with us for the options.

Permit application for Curacao - Dutch immigrants

From visitor questions, but mainly from experience, the application for a permit is more difficult than you might think. That is why we gladly offer our services for the application and the following procedures to obtain the necessary permits for work and residency.

Apply for your Certificate of Conduct from your lazy chair (Dutch residents only)

One of the documents you require for the application is the Certificate of Good Conduct. If you are 18 years and older this is mandatory for your acceptance procedure. Today, you do not have to leave your house to apply for this document. As a representative, we will prepare the application - in your name and with the correct screening profile - digitally with the Ministry of Justice. Very easy, and on top of that, with fewer expenses compared to the application on paper with your town government.

If you do not possess DigiD or are no longer registered in The Netherlands, then we will provide you with a pre-completed and stamped form via regular mail, with which, unfortunately, you will have to visit your hometown. We will send you full instructions for the (digital) application of the Certificate of Good Conduct via e-mail at the price of € 22.50 for each application.

Permit applications for Bonaire - BES-islands

Since 2010, the BES-islands are a totally different story. Although Bonaire belongs to the same Kingdom with the status of ‘special municipality’, the standards for moving to another Dutch city or town do not apply. Bonaire possesses a different political status, resulting in a different procedure and permit policy (the same goes for St. Eustatius and Saba). The interest for Bonaire, in particular, is considerable, but, unfortunately, so is the number of misunderstandings in various fields about Bonaire!

Please feel free to CONTACT US us for more information.

We are experienced in applying for work and residence permits, as well as business establishments and procedures for taking over another company.

Do you have any questions or would you like to know what we can do for you?