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technical maintenance, CMS - Na Kaminda

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to whom this may concern (those who have an account to a digital file)

technical maintenance CMS, Na Kaminda

We would like to point out that logging into our system is not possible for a limited time due to major technical maintenance. The work will take up to January 6th 2020 at the latest. After completing the work we will welcome you in a completely renewed digital environment.

We wish you a happy New Year.

GDPR - the 'new' privacy law from May 25, 2018

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On May 25, 2018, the new European Data Protection Act will come into force, known as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The new law tightens rules from the current Personal Data Protection Act for residents within the EU. And that's good news!

Although digital security and privacy has been a focal point within our organization right from the start, the new legislation that comes into force on May 25 will result in a lot of extra work. We are currently working hard to timely comply with all guidelines.

Brand new website

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Since this week we launched the redesign of our website; brand new, easier to read, easier to navigate.

This is only the beginning, we're not done yet. Check back often as we add more English content!

Help the victims of hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma has caused severe damage in the Caribbean, whereby in particular St. Maarten was heavily hit on September 7th - the material damage is huge. Help is quickly and urgently needed - every contribution is welcome, no matter how small!

You can make donations through Na Kaminda's PayPal account with mention of 'hurricane Irma', or directly to the Red Cross

Safer upload and download of personal documents

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Digital security is an increasingly important issue - and rightly so; the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden made us aware of this. The privacy protection of our customers and thereby the digital precautions are a key point in our organization. Therefore, we have sharpened the delivery of personal and privacy sensitive documents using so-called 'end-to-end encryption' and 'zero-knowledge storage'. Because of this the transfer of personal files and documents becomes safer, without the intervention of e-mail.

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Access to your own dossier

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Our customers have online access to their own dossier, they can monitor every change and status of their services and procedures. The digital ‘Client Management System’ (CMS) has been in use for a few years and is highly appreciated and intensively used by our customers; it is an online system within a secure environment that records your dossier data, wishes, questions, documents, bought services, and payments. It enables efficient handling of a large numbers of complex dossiers and the possibility of intensively monitoring deadlines. The system is continuously improved to work even more efficient and more convenient.

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