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Backlogs at Immigration department Curacao

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The 'Admission Office' Curacao - responsible for the technical processing of permit applications - is struggling with major backlogs for some time. Most of these are due to staffing problems, as is the case with almost all government services.

In general, processing a permit application takes a maximum of 4 months, as stated on the 'Proof of Application'. At the moment, however, many applications go well beyond the 4-month limit.

Unfortunately, we have little influence on the situation that has arisen, although we continuously monitor the progress and the process.

As soon as there is news regarding your application we will of course inform you immediately, together with the corresponding instruction on how to proceed.

We hope to have informed you somewhat of the current situation.

Increasing numbers of US citizens are relocating to escape polarization

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[as released to the press]

The number of US citizens searching for options permanently to leave their home country has risen significantly. Immigration specialist 'Na Kaminda' for the Caribbean islands Bonaire and Curacao detects the growing interest. The company believes that the reason for the increased interest is, apart from election stress, Americans searching for ways to escape the national political division to start a more relaxed way of life.

Election stress
Due to the polarization, no matter who wins the election, Bidon or Trump, many people will be disappointed with the outcome. It seems that the stress for four years of the leadership by either a democrat or a republican currently drives people to protest amongst others in front of ballot-counting centers. Others go online and search for information on the way to escape the country’s upheaval.

Easy access to Caribbean Curacao for US citizens
It is no coincidence that US citizens land on Na Kaminda’s website. Immigrating to the Caribbean is a dream for many because of the climate, the peace and quiet, and the friendly nature of the islands. Moreover, aside from the Dutch, Americans also have an advantage when documentation and permits are concerned.

A treaty signed in 1956 by the Dutch and American government that is still valid today stipulates that US citizens can relocate to Curacao under more or less the same conditions as Dutch citizens. The procedure to relocate to Curacao is much less complicated than Americans would experience when applying for a permit in Canada.

Immigration service
Na Kaminda, based on Caribbean Curacao and in the Netherlands, assists individuals, families and businesses relocate to Bonaire or Curacao by applying for permits, filling out registration forms, coordinating legal fees, housing, health insurance and much more. Finding your way around a the Caribbean culture can be quite challenging. Applying for permits requires filling out and obtaining specific documents in the right order, registration in specific administrations, paying the right fees at the right moment and so on. Most laypersons find it difficult. Na Kaminda is experienced in helping people from all over the world. A significant part of their clients are American nationals.

Working in times of Corona

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These are special times! Uncertain and difficult times for many of us.

Emigration and traveling is no issue at this time, which doesn’t mean there is no work to be done. Even under the current circumstances, we do our best to help you as best we can - awaiting better times.

pay close attention to your online safety:
As a result of the chaos and anxiety caused by Covid-19 and by the large number of homeworkers, criminals seize their opportunity.

For your safety and your privacy, NEVER send personal documents and data as an attachment in the email or through unsecured websites - even if you are asked to do so. Email is unsafe by default.

We too never do so, for your safety and your privacy.

In short; Stay Safe!

GDPR - the 'new' privacy law from May 25, 2018

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On May 25, 2018, the new European Data Protection Act will come into force, known as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The new law tightens rules from the current Personal Data Protection Act for residents within the EU. And that's good news!

Although digital security and privacy has been a focal point within our organization right from the start, the new legislation that comes into force on May 25 will result in a lot of extra work. We are currently working hard to timely comply with all guidelines.

Brand new website

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Since this week we launched the redesign of our website; brand new, easier to read, easier to navigate.

This is only the beginning, we're not done yet. Check back often as we add more English content!

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Help the victims of hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma has caused severe damage in the Caribbean, whereby in particular St. Maarten was heavily hit on September 7th - the material damage is huge. Help is quickly and urgently needed - every contribution is welcome, no matter how small!

You can make donations through Na Kaminda's PayPal account with mention of 'hurricane Irma', or directly to the Red Cross

Safer upload and download of personal documents

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Digital security is an increasingly important issue - and rightly so; the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden made us aware of this. The privacy protection of our customers and thereby the digital precautions are a key point in our organization. Therefore, we have sharpened the delivery of personal and privacy sensitive documents using so-called 'end-to-end encryption' and 'zero-knowledge storage'. Because of this the transfer of personal files and documents becomes safer, without the intervention of e-mail.

Access to your own dossier

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Our customers have online access to their own dossier, they can monitor every change and status of their services and procedures. The digital ‘Client Management System’ (CMS) has been in use for a few years and is highly appreciated and intensively used by our customers; it is an online system within a secure environment that records your dossier data, wishes, questions, documents, bought services, and payments. It enables efficient handling of a large numbers of complex dossiers and the possibility of intensively monitoring deadlines. The system is continuously improved to work even more efficient and more convenient.

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