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Doing business

Your business on Curacao and Bonaire

Being an entrepreneur and establishing a business on Curacao or Bonaire may be quite different then you are accustomed to. In many ways, it may lead to questions and even cause unexpected problems. Even as an experienced entrepreneur, special assistance when establishing your company on Curacao (or Bonaire) and advice on how people do business on Curacao is no luxury.

For independent or self-employed workers, major competitive advantages and beneficial regulations (incentives) are available on Curacao, such as:

  • favorable time zone and hub (business-wise and logistic bridge) between Europe, North-America, and Latin-America
  • Dutch en European subsidy programs and competitive tax facilities
  • perfect climate with much sun and hardly any rain
  • Dutch working and living environment
  • flexible settlement policy
  • lower wages for labor

If you would like to settle your business on Curaçao or Bonaire, this is what we can do for you:

  • concisely describe your situation and draw up a list of options according to the outlined situation and wishes
  • discuss your general (legal and fiscal) options within the outlined situation
  • advise you on a plan of action - if needed, further discuss matters in-depth
  • mention and discuss possible pitfalls and offer alternative solutions
  • arrange establishment and settlement of your company on the island according to plan
  • provide you with necessary after-care during the start-up and advise and help out with related entrepreneur issues

Favorable tax regime for entrepreneurs

In some cases, Curacao offers a very favorable tax rate. Apart from the well-known advantages of settling in the e-zone, also concurring conditions apply when not settling or when you are not qualified for the e-zone. Before establishing your company, we will assess whether you qualify for specific arrangements. We will advise the most beneficial way to implement this fiscally and lawfully.

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Diverged rules and regulation

On Curacao and Bonaire, different rules, regulations, and standards apply, both legally and culturally. More than often, new entrepreneurs are confronted with diverged procedures, permits and criteria. A much-discussed example is the so-called 80-20 regulation, inflicted by the Curacao government and only recently put on hold (since the end of 2017). Legal persons may differ from what you are accustomed to and, moreover, a completely different business culture with its own do’s and don’ts applies. This is often an underestimated difference. We gladly offer our advice and counseling on this matter.

It is important to know that you are unable to establish or take over a company before you are an official resident of the island (or are represented in any other legal manner).
Doing business or performing business activities on the island is prohibited if you have not yet registered as a resident (or have made other arrangements). However, in some cases, this is not desirable or (for the time being) impossible. In that case, we will offer you alternatives or find solu-tions. This service is mainly interesting for foreigners _(non-Dutch and nonUS citizens).

At the start or takeover of a company, Na Kaminda guides entrepreneurs through the process of establishment in a reliable way. After an extensive intake meeting, we provide advice on the best (juridical en fiscal) legal form. During the procedure of settlement, we will consult with the notary, check and amend the concept certificates and, of course, take care of mandatory applications such as permits for settlement and management license.

Permits for your company

At the start or takeover of a company, Na Kaminda guides entrepreneurs through the process of establishment in a reliable way. After an extensive intake meeting, we provide advice on the steps of the procedure, the best (juridical en fiscal) legal form, and the necessary authorizations. Be aware that it is of great significance to register as a residence of the island before starting or taking over a company (only a few exceptions apply). If you have not yet registered as a resident, doing business or performing business activities is illegal. First and foremost, it is of great significance to arrange the personal work and residence permit application.

Not only do we apply for the necessary residential permits, but we arrange other matters, such as living space and health insurance for you and your employees as well. In all cases and every application, the employee can access our digital file.

Your employees on Curacao and Bonaire

If your employees come to Curacao or Bonaire, we will arrange permits, living space, and insurances for them in an efficient manner. Both the employer and the employee will be kept updated about the status and progress via digital access to the files.

Do you have employees working for a Dutch company on Curacao or Bonaire? Or an Antillean company that recruits employees from abroad? Na Kaminda can help you with:

  • permits: necessary permits for residency and work
  • housing for employees: a.o. search for a rental house (from 2 months and up)
  • insurances: personal, group and company insurances
  • relocation and shipping household effects
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Very often, we arrange internships for students and trainees with companies on Curacao or Bonaire. We will find you the perfect match and guide students with their application.

The advantages for your company include:

  • proper feedback on the proceedings through full access to your digital file
  • one contact person on Curacao and in the Netherlands
  • outsourcing time-consuming work
  • counseling about the culture including the do’s and don’ts
  • sophisticated local network at your disposal
  • complete set of services

Doing business calls for visibility: your company on internet

We help both new and existing entrepreneurs on their way by finding new customers. For that reason, we offer the opportunity to create and build a website or application at competitive pricing. Naturally, the service provider and SEO functionality are grafted to the Caribbean. Our network consists of specialists for concept developing, designing, and building a web-based application. This includes a content management system, domain name, and local hosting.

Do you have any questions or would you like to know what we can do for you?