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Policies and conditions

Our operation procedure, policy & conditions

Resourceful local network

Na Kaminda is located on Curacao and focusses primarily on helping emigrants, expats, and others who, permanently or for a short period, leave for Curacao or Bonaire. Our wide experience and expertise in various subjects and a resourceful local network guarantee a smooth and efficient execution of procedures and practical affairs.

Our network covers two continents. Our permanent staff is located both in the Netherlands and at the Caribbean. Because we are based on the island of Curacao and have close contact with various governmental bodies and services, we have a continuous feeling of the daily routine and prevailing culture. For both you and us, this is quite logical and comforting.

First contact, registration and intake

Just like you, we like to know in advance whom we do business with. In accordance with our KYC Guidelines (doing due diligence) and our company policy, no substantive and / or procedural information is provided based on a first email contact or a unverifiable web request - or at least not more than we consider necessary in the given situation. We never work for anonymous or unclear 'clients' whose intentions are not clear to us.

Especially in the intake stage, for assessment of details, prior telephone contact must be made through an identifiable telephone number. We need to obtain an exact idea of the actual situation in order to inform you correctly and to be able to help you properly our services are based on customization and not based on a 'one-size-fits-all' principle.

From the website we can be reached via messengers such as 'WhatsApp' or 'Telegram'. However, this option is only intended for short text messages without private sensitive content and not for detailed or first inquiry. Telephone contact with us through these or other messenger apps is not possible.

We also note that our revenue model is based on experience, specific knowledge and expertise within the various local and inter-local work fields.

Quality above quantity

We communicate in a clear manner, directly and without beating around the bush. You might not hear what you would prefer to hear in all cases because we feel that information and advice should be transparent without withhold. Additional our clients have online access to their file, every detail is immediately visible. You know exactly where you are at with us!

As we highly value and find this philosophy self-evident, we offer you - whether you use it or not - our unique transparant services. In all times, we feel quality should prevail quantity.

Advertising on the website and external links

We are very reluctant in placing advertisements of third parties. We feel this seems as being biased and would impede our free opinion and independent information. It does not correspond to our basic principles and main goal. At your request, external links can be placed after assessment and internal evaluation. In any case, links should be relevant for our target group and present correct and up-to-date information. Without notice of our reasons, we retain the right to reject placement. No rights can be derived from placed links.

Fraud prevention

To prevent misuse of our company name or our services, we pursue the following guidelines:

  • No assignments or deal will be accepted, closed or paid underhand. Requesting our services or granting an assignment to Na Kaminda is only valid through e-mail or fax. Please find our contact information on the designated web page.
  • We will never request cash payments. Payment to Na Kaminda will always be transferred via bank, and our bank accounts will always be in the name of 'Fundashon Na Kaminda’.
  • For every assignment, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, by fax, or via our CMS system. Every message will be sent from our company e-mail address ending in ‘nakaminda.net' or from one of our fax machines, for which you can find the numbers on our contact page. Do not send us any payment, before you have received our final confirmation via e-mail or proforma invoice. Please check the information carefully.
  • For the exchange of personal documents and private data, clients will have access to a secured uploading and downloading method within their personal file. To this end, we use an 'end-to-end-encrypted' server connection based on ‘No-Knowledge’ technology.
  • We know who our clients are and they know us. Not in the least because we keep close contact on a regular basis by phone via a traceable phone number or Skype address.
  • All our employees possess an authorization made out in their name with which they can identify themselves. In case of doubt, please contact Na Kaminda immediately

Privacy statement

Guaranteeing your privacy and digital security awareness are major issues within our organization. For your procedure, in a number of required instances, we will request your privacy-sensitive information. We maintain strict privacy and security standards, and we will handle your data with extreme care.

Either digital or not, your personal data will not, by any means or in any circumstance, be shared with or provided to any others than yourself. Should this be required for the procedure, we will explicitly request your written consent in advance. An exception to this rule is the governmental bodies that absolutely require your information (f.i. the alien’s department, better knows as ‘admittance organization’) and, in that case, we will limit ourselves to the information that is only required and ineluctable to execute your procedure.

Via our ‘Client Management System’ you can upload or download personal documents via a secured 'end-to-end-encrypted' connection (which is significantly safer than via e-mail). Your confidential documents, ID information, contact details, etc. will be (encrypted) saved on our servers as ‘No-Knowledge’ so that others cannot, with or without intention, access your data and documents. Also, in this case, we guarantee your privacy as best we can.

Na Kaminda Conditions

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our quotations, our granted assignments, and accepted projects. The most up-to-date version of our Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here (pdf file).

Do you have any questions or would you like to know what we can do for you?